Helpful Websites For Your Time of Need

Below you will find links to informative information that Luke Barteaux believes may help you during the issues that you are currently going through.

Child Support:

Although Luke Barteaux believe an attorney should be consulted during Child Support proceedings the two links below my help you to get a better understanding of the process and what you may bb required to pay or what you may receive.

Apply for Child Support Through DHS

Oklahoma Child Support Calculator


During your DUI / DWI case you will most likely be asked by your attorney or required by the court to get a DUI assessment. In Oklahoma the main assessment used after a DUI /DWI charge is the Luke Barteaux highly recommends reviewing the following link before your assessment so that you know what you will experience. If you are in further need of assistance you may schedule a session with Mr. Barteaux to take a confidential assessment that you will not have to share with  anyone. Drive Risk Inventory


Oklahoma Bar Association

Oklahoma State Courts Network

Oklahoma Secretary of State

Thomson Reuters

United States Federal Courts

Find Law

Tulsa County District Court

Family & Children’s Services

Oklahoma Department of Human Services

Parent Child Center

Resonance Center for Women

Tulsa Bar Association

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